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Current Maintenance Plans

1 unit = 15 minutes of web design changes*

Plan 6   6 units   $150   ($25.00/unit) 9% discount** Pay Now
Plan 12   12 units   $290   ($24.16/unit) 12.1% discount**
Pay Now
Plan 24   24 units   $550   ($22.91/unit) 16.7% discount** Pay Now
Plan 36   36 units   $792   ($22.00/unit) 20% discount** Pay Now
Plan 50   50 units   $1086   ($21.72/unit) 21% discount** Pay Now
Plan 100   100 units   $2145   ($21.45/unit) 22% discount** Pay Now

*Please note that flash, programming and urgent work will use double units - eg, 2 x 15min
- Units are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

**off our normal hourly web design rate.

Your maintenance units can be used for any of the following:

  • Support or training for email, updating your website or checking your statistics
  • Adding text, images or files to your website
  • Adding new pages or forms
  • Adjusting or adding new slides or buttons to rotating banners
  • Quoting  (please note that we reserve the right to charge some units for quoting before performing a job)

Maintenance units can not be used for:

  • Work that requires a test site before being launched, for example, a website refresh
  • Programming jobs that require a specification (usually programming tasks of more than 4 hours duration)
  • Making changes or additions to a non-Datasearch built website (except via prior arrangement)
  • Call out fees or in-office training

Please note that unused maintenance units are not refundable. 

For further details, please see how maintenance works

Buy Maintenance Online

You can now purchase your maintenance units online. Please click the buttons above to buy a maintenance plan or if you have any further questions please contact us

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