Datasearch Internet Services (DSIS)

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Acceptable Use Policy

1. General

This policy provides procedures in relation to acceptable use when accessing Datasearch Internet Services Pty Ltd products and services as a customer. It also applies when you are accessing these services as an end user through a wholesaler who has resold these services to you.

2. Unacceptable Uses

You must not use our services in any way whatsoever which is in breach of the following requirements.

a. Breach of Law
The use or attempted use of the services involves breaching a law or regulatory requirement, or code of conduct that you have agreed to comply with.

b. Damage to Property or People
The use or attempted use could result in damage to property or injury to any person.

c. Prohibited Content
The use or attempted use which results in the transmission of prohibited content or potentially prohibited content which is classified RC or X18+ by the classification board and which involves detailed instruction in crime or child pornography or actual sexual activity.

The use or attempted use that involves the provision of content that is considered unsuitable for minors or allows a minor to access inappropriate material

d. Discrimination
The use or attempted use that incites discrimination, hate or violence to a person or group because of their race, religion, gender, nationality or any other reason.

e. Obscene Material
The use or attempted use directed at sending or displaying obscene, offensive or abusive material.

f. Illegal Business Practices and Gambling
The use or attempted use directed at engaging in any misleading or deceptive business or marketing practice.

The use or attempted use which involves providing or promoting illegal pyramid selling schemes, or unlawful gambling or gaming activities.

g. Rights of Others
The use or attempted use which infringes Datasearch Internet Services Pty Limited or any other users rights, or misuses their confidential information.

h. Spamming
The use or attempted use to send unsolicited mail or information to a person including the continuation of that dissemination where the person has indicated they do not wish to receive such messages.

3. Monitoring
Datasearch Internet Services Pty Limited reserves the right to monitor the conduct of customer accounts or any end user accounts to determine whether this policy is being followed. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account where we believe that it is being operated in such a way that it is in breach of this policy. We also reserve the right to notify any regulatory agency where we have reasonable cause to believe that any user is in breach of any legal or regulatory requirement.

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