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What website packages are available?


Business Builder PLATINUM package

Enterprise CMS
(Self Managed) website   

A Platinum Package website is a custom-designed site which gives you the power to add and edit your own pages, and multi-media sections.

This site is ideal if you are an established business requiring a website with a large number of pages (30+).  If you’re no stranger to the web and need a serious solution for your growing business, a full content management system such as the Platinum package will allow your website to grow with your business, and take advantage of the multi-media capabilities of the internet.

This package will integrate seamlessly with your business’ brand, and has excellent media management with ability to manage article commenting, video, podcasting, blogging and more.


Business Builder GOLD package

Content Management System (Self Managed) website
A Gold Package website will impress your visitors with its custom, professional graphic design and polished animations. You will be able to log in and edit the text and images on your website whenever you like.

This site is ideal if you are a smaller business requiring a website with a moderate number of pages (20+). If you know that using the internet effectively is an integral part of your business and it supports the on-the-ground work completed by your sales team, then you need the extensive solution this package offers. The gold package will allow you to change the text on the website yourself, with no specialist knowledge.

You can show off your wares and services in a self managed photo gallery, and keep your clients informed by managing your own Latest News articles.


Business Builder SILVER package

Basic Starter Website


A Silver Package website is a simple, professionally designed site to get you started on the web.

This package is ideal if your site requires a small number of pages (8+),  or if you are just dipping your toe into the web for the first time to see how it could work for you. The silver package will allow you to test the waters and get you up and running, but has limited ability for you to edit parts of it yourself. This site can be upgraded to a CMS (self managed site) at a future date if required.

You don't need any special skills to maintain it- updating your news sections is as simple as filling out a form- and all other updates will be made by Datasearch under your maintenance plan when you send an email.

*Not including ongoing costs such as domain, hosting, database licencing or updates.

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