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For more than 15 years Datasearch have proudly built hundreds of high quality websites for businesses, many Members of Parliament, schools, churches, clubs and more.

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Another successful e-commerce website by Datasearch. Customised online shop to improve the user experience and therefore increase sales. From our experience, we have found that non-customised solutions can lead to dissatisfaction of online customers. Why? Because people are not all the same. Customisation is the solution here. This ensures your clients have the best possible experience when purchasing on your website and experience shows this can make a huge difference to sales. When your website is first released, our development team continually monitor your online sales and look out for any such anomalies in the ordering process (because generally customers don't complain they just close your website and move on and you wouldn't be the wiser). For example a customer may have added some products to their cart, but not proceeded with the order. What went wrong? What we do, is analyse why and implement improvements to overcome future lost sales. There is no point running an online business if your website is not making you money.
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