The top 8 ways to get more out of your maintenance

  1. Combine multiple changes into one request. The less frequently we have to access your site, the quicker it will be.
  2. Specify exactly which pages you would like changed by listing their URL (website address) in your instructions
  3. If you would like to add pages, make sure to mention where you would like the new menu buttons to go
  4. If you need maintenance at the same time every week please contact us to make a regular booking
  5. If you would like photos added, please make sure they are of high enough quality. We can make images smaller, but we can’t make them larger (they usually look bad)
  6. Use diagrams, pictures, spreadsheets or examples from other websites to help explain what you want
  7. If you would like us to add YouTube, Google Analytics or Google Video to your site, please send us the embed code with your maintenance request.  (If you don’t know how to retrieve this, please have your username and password ready and give us a call on 07 3889 9939)
  8. If you would like your latest Tweets or your most recent Facebook updates to display on your website, please send your Twitter link or Facebook link to us with your maintenance request