Things to consider

The technology behind your website

If you wish to completely redesign your website, then the existing technology behind the site is not important – we will rebuild it from the ground up using the most appropriate system for your needs.

However, if your website has a back-end database, a full content-management system, or is part of an intranet and you wish to retain this functionality, we will need to know what programming language it is built in to be able to quote you correctly. If you are not sure, please give us a call.

Your audience

We will also need to know what your audience is looking for when they get to your website as this will help us draw the focus our time and effort on the areas which will have the greatest effect. We will also need to know if your audience has vision impairment or patchy internet connections as this may influence the number and size of graphics we use.

Security and the availability of updates

Regular updates to the core website and to the third-party extensions installed on your site are vital to help your site avoid security holes.  For this reason we recommend using trusted plugins and addons which are available on the open market.  These plugins come with support teams who are constantly updating their product for security and for compatibility with the latest browser releases. It’s a bit like having your own programmer on staff – for only the cost of a subscription.

Traditional and online marketing

Would you rely on a single brochure to drive all of your sales? 

Probably not, but used in conjunction with a great sales team and an integrated marketing campaign it can be a useful tool.  The same applies to a website.  It will work best when teamed with traditional marketing techniques as part of an integrated marketing plan. At this planning stage it is often a good idea to think about how you will promote and launch your website.

Updating your website

How much time will you be able to devote to updating your site? Would you prefer to send an email and have the work done for you? We can support you to update it yourself, or we can update it for you, if you prefer.