WP Bakery vs Elementor

A comparison of page builder options to create complex page layouts (for Datasearch clients)

WP Bakery Page Builder

Standard Option

WP Bakery comes as standard with Datasearch websites, but many people are now switching to Elementor.

  • Work in the Dashboard, then view the changes on the live site
  • Create columns and rows by clicking the icon.  WP Bakery will automatically stack the rows into a single column on mobile devices
  • Add widgets by using the + symbol
  • Sometimes requires a little custom coding to get the font colours and styles as you need them
  • The standard option does not include template items – to access the template library costs $150 (one-off).

This option is great for you if…

  • You’d rather avoid dragging and dropping if possible
  • You prefer to stay in the Dashboard
  • You don’t want to relearn how to use your website

This option is probably not for you if…

  • You’d like to create complex subpage layouts quickly
  • You need to make custom changes to a section specifically for mobile devices and aren’t familiar with CSS or html
  • You are uncomfortable working in the Dashboard and would prefer a visual editor

Check it out here:  (*language warning)


Easier if you have an existing website that uses this and you aren’t too concerned about layout


Elementor + Elementor PRO Page Builder

Optional Extra
$40/year for the PRO subscription*

Elementor is becoming the preferred option for many website owners, however for compatibility with some of your existing plugins (and for access to the template library) you will require the PRO version. 

  • Enables you to work in a visual editor screen
  • Exit the editor to return to your Dashboard
  • Drag pre-designed template blocks onto your screen then click on the items to change them

*Purchasing your subscription through Datasearch gives you a discount of approximately $108/year for those sites that require e-commerce.

This option is great for you if…

  • You’d like to use global font and colour options to keep your site consistent
  • You’d like to be able to drag professional looking template elements and blocks into your page and edit them
  • You’d like Datasearch to make you some custom blocks (a call to action, a general button etc) in your own brand colours that you can reuse on various pages
  • You’d like to have granular control of the mobile layout

This option is probably not for you if…

  • You suffer from option overload
  • You don’t like switching between the visual editor and the Dashboard
  • You don’t like having to refresh your screen to fix the occasional loading bug while working in the visual editor
  • You find dragging and dropping awkward
  • You don’t want to learn a new layout system

Check it out here:


Better for professional-looking layouts but may require some learning

Can’t decide which option is right for you?